taylor swift is not my favorite artist (i don't even like her). what is so appealing about her? — Asked by Anonymous

ha. i’ve kind of been waiting for this question.

the interesting thing about taylor swift is that i don’t really want to like her - at all. i kind of classify her as “guilty pleasure” listening. it started with one song and just snowballed. in fact, i used to kind of hide the fact that i liked her, but i finally just gave in to it. 

i think it’s really just that her lyrics are very relatable, in an “every girl’s been through this” kind of way.  she writes her own music.  the songs are well produced and the melodies are ridiculously catchy. the upbeat songs are fun to sing loud to, and the ballads break your heart.

so i guess i like her the same way i like broadway musical soundtracks, or glee, or american idol, or any of those kinds of things that music snobs or hipsters will sometimes give you shit for liking. i don’t really care what people think because for every taylor swift song i listen to, i listen to young the giant’s album like, 15 times. or for example, today i’ve been listening to tony lucca and here we go magic and airborne toxic event.

hopefully that explains a little! :)